Thursday, December 13, 2018

5 Reasons Why I Love December


Assalamualaikum & Hi All.

Last month and early this month I've done lots of blogwalk. I left my blog unwritten. Pity my blog. But here I come again. Hopefully this time I can be more consistent than before.

We already in December, guys. And you know what? 

I love December so much. *It's clearly stated up there*

Plus, I want you to know why I love December, so you also will love it too.

1) My Birthday Month
Hello, are you listening? Hahaha. This is the main reason why I have, need and must love December. My mom struggled to give birth to me for the past 32 years and of course I need to appreciate her though. Thanks Mak! The day will come very soon, the day after Xmas to be exact. Please remember that.

2) Bonuses, Incentives & Salary Increments
This one is not happening to me but to the person I love. Bodek la sikit. Alhamdulillah, it's rezeki from Allah for sure. Be grateful for what you have and it will inspire you to be better in doing your job. And don't be so stingy. Share la boh!

3) Sales Everywhere
Yesterday was 12.12 sale and I only grab Aiskrim Balang which I am craving from early this month. I browsed Shopee, Lazada, Sephora, Watson's, Althea almost everyday but it means nothing if your bank account balance is RM0.00. Hihihi. Yes, sales almost everywhere in December and can make you go crazy!

4) Holiday Time
Oh my Allah, please ease our plan. I am looking forward for our family journey this year end. Dalam Malaysia je. Though it is a busy month because everyone is planning to go for holiday, we also want to take part. Takkan nak tengok je.

5) Going to start fresh!
Few weeks to go for 2019 and I believe most of us already prepare with new year resolutions, right? I've not done any yet. And still thinking about it now. But definitely I will slowly do. I hope that we will end this year happily.

Till then.



  1. no.1 tu ermmm tiba tiba tak faham apa yang ditulis kihkihhh! dah lepas ke belum birthday kak? kalau belum, happy birthday in advance! kalau dah, happy belated beday! hehee

    1. Baru genap 26 Disember lepas dik. Hihihihi. Thank you for the wish. :)

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