Monday, May 19, 2014

#67 : Dear my born-to-be baby


Dear my born-to-be baby,
When Ibu is writing this entry, you already in my womb for 29 weeks. 
Eventhough Ibu is not feeling so well, 
For you, Ibu has to be strong. 
Stay strong.
Ibu doesn't want you to be affected. 
Ibu wants you to grow well,
In my womb, of course.

Ibu knows Ibu has to take care of my ownself, 
But sometimes Allah wants to test us. 
You and me.

Babah is away for work while Ibu at Nenek's house. 
Babah gives Ibu cuti for 2 weeks. Hihihi. 
But then, Ibu starts to miss Babah already. 
I bet you also miss him, right?

Dear my born-to-be baby,
We still don't know your gender,
But it doesn't matter.
Boy OR girl,
You are still our baby.

Dear my born-to-be baby,
Do you know how excited Ibu and Babah here?
Waiting for you to come out,
To see this beautiful world,
To grow you up,
To see you become a good Caliph,

Dear my born-to-be baby,
Ibu and Babah's hope,
Make us proud,
Grow well, 
Pray for us when we are not in this world anymore.
That's all.

The rest,
Let's Allah decides.

Lots of LOVE,
Ibu & Babah

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